Samuel Baker Dalomba Is Born

Two weeks ago we welcomed our third child into our family, Samuel Baker Dalomba. He and Brittany are both doing great. We went to the hospital around 5:00 a.m. and Sam was born later that afternoon. We came home the next day and have had a great time as a family of five. It is true when people say that the shift from two to three children is harder than zero to one and one to two, which if I had thought about would have made sense. Reid is almost four and Grace is almost two, which means they are still dependent on us for quite a bit and now we have added another child that is completely dependent on us for everything. In the midst of adjusting to having three kids, Brittany and I caught a stomach virus, which was loads of fun and kept me out of commission for a few days. I haven’t been able to get back into the swing of things expect for the last few days but am happy to not be sick and to have three kids. 

The oldest kids are excited to have Sam in our family. I’m looking forward to Sunday to worship for the first time together as a family of five. The church has been extremely kind and gracious towards us, as well as many other friends. It is easy to do so, but I tend to grasp better the kindness of God towards me when we bring home a new child. I am granted the privilege of having another person in my life that I love deeply and care for with joy. I begin to love my wife and kids in ways I didn’t before. I get to see newer depths of our family as we all adjust to a new way of life with new blessings. I get to spend more time with friends who bring us meals and sit to talk with us simply because they love my family. Children are a blessing and bring along with them blessings you didn’t expect or didn’t ask for, which is often how God works. He grants us every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. Have we even begun to understand the number of those blessings? Yet they are all ours. The blessing of knowing God as Father is granted and secured in Christ Jesus and by the birth of a child, God gives us a sample taste of what we have in Christ. He loves us more than we could love our child. He give us spiritual life as He gives our children physical life. He rejoices each time someone is born again, or when a child He predestined before the ages to bring into his family is brought home to God’s family. In the birth our children we are granted the same love and emotions that God has over Jesus and through Jesus's life, death and resurrection, the same love He has for Jesus is now poured into our hearts. When a Christian looks at his new born child and love begins to pour out of him for this child, it is the love of God pouring out of us. God’s love is poured into our hearts and thus when we love, we love with the love of God the Father loves His Son Jesus Christ. I love you Samuel. May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you both now and forever.