We Have Moved Back Home

Our family has successfully transitioned to our new home, back in our hometown and county. We closed on our house last Friday, said our goodbyes to our home that we loved for the last six years and slept as residents of Tate County for the first time in a nearly a decade. While I was prepared for an emotional goodbye to our home, it was much harder to say goodbye to our house than I thought. That home was my favorite place on this earth and it will be hard to imagine life without it. The LORD formed our family there and we are eternally grateful for it.

We are also excited to be in a new phase. While the home we are in is temporary, we already enjoy it and its coziness. The kids have taken to it and Brittany has made it a home very quickly. She is immensely gifted with an eye for beauty. 

We talked yesterday morning how overwhelmed we are by the amount of help our family and friends and church members helped us in the process. We had our things on a moving truck Friday afternoon and by Sunday night our house was painted with 95% of things unpacked and set up. This week has been getting the tedious details of moving accomplished and set up. To all everyone who helped, we are deeply grateful and thankful for all you did for us. Thank you very much. 

I wil resume writing regularly in the next week or so, once I get back into my normal routine. For now, here is a link to an article that I wrote for Highlands Ministries. Highlands is a tremendous ministry that I am honored to contribute to in any way I can. No contribution I could make to them would come close to what they have done for my family and I.