13 Thoughts of Gratitude on Mondays

1. If all of my days were like the last few, where I spent much time with friends, family outside playing games, reading, writing and finishing up projects that I worked hard on, then was able to see presented and delivered, watching a little baseball and eating good food, then I suppose I would understand Heaven better than any who hadn’t been there.

2. Not all days are like this, but by God’s grace I get these often due to the wonderful folks in my life

3. Waking up early enough to see the sun rise and sit in a quiet house can be a real treat

4. My distractions from my office today are lots of birds chirping, and my kids playing outside. Some distractions are worth the interruption.

5. Mondays aren’t that bad because I get to plan out my week, which means I get to use my moleskin journal

6. My wife cooks breakfast similar to my mom and grandad, which means I eat a good breakfast most days of the week.

7. I have an elders meeting tonight, which means root beer out of the bottle

8. I have an elders meeting tonight, which means I get to spend time with some of my best friends.

9. After having to drink a Dr. Pepper for dinner, I’m thankful for real Cokes

10. After yesterdays presentation from Wycliffe Bible Translators, I’m grateful for the written word more than I knew

11. 1 Peter 2:17 is helping me keep things in perspective lately on whom I serve, and whom I love

12. I’m grateful God works little by little, like yeast in a loaf.

13. What would any of your ordinary things matter without God’s Beloved Son? Yet it all matters because of God’s Beloved Son, doesn’t it?

We ought not allow ourselves to casually pass by the small moments and things. Most of your life is filled with things liked I mentioned. Gratitude causes joy, and this leads to a full life, even when we don't think possible or even desirable.

April 2016 A.D.